Three of the Biggest UK Casino Winners

Casinos are a great place to have some fun and do something a bit different, but deep down, everyone hopes that they might win big. They say that the House always wins, but here are three cases that prove otherwise.

The Secret Roulette System

Balvinder Sambhi, a garage owner from Birmingham, managed to scoop up £28,000 on the roulette wheel in just two months. This incredible lucky streak seemed too good to be true to the casino, promptly banning him from all of their joints around the country. Mr Sambhi claims he came up with a foolproof, winning formula that he spent years developing and perfecting. Based on simple mathematics, he says he has never lost since using it. His biggest win in one day was a whopping £4000. He eventually published his secret formula in a book that sold for £100.

The Billionaire Who Busted the House

Retail billionaire Philip Green had a golden Christmas and New Year back in the early 2000s. A frequent visitor to the exclusive Les Ambassadeurs Casino in London, Mr Green found himself on a winning streak the likes of which had never been seen before. He managed to take £2 million from the roulette table in one night and a further £1 million over a number of gambling nights over the Christmas period. He’s certainly not scared to put tens of thousands of pounds on a spin of the wheel – and it paid off. Such was his success that the casino reported a huge fall in profits for that year. In turn, stock prices fell to an almost all time low.

Prophecy of a Taxi Driver

Goksel Selay had a dream, a simple dream in which he won big at the casino. Several days later, he ended his shift early to try his luck at one. He drew four aces in a game of Blackjack and walked out with £89,850!