The UK’s Best Casino Cities

While the UK is hard pressed to match Las Vegas or Macau in terms of casino cities, there are some outstanding areas to try your luck, without having to fly halfway around the world.


London is home to a variety of casinos, both private and public. It is known around the world for its extremely exclusive clubs, the likes of which are frequented by the rich and famous. More accessible are the thriving public casinos. These range from super casinos to tiny gambling rooms, tucked away on hidden side streets. For a great night out in London, there are a great many casinos to consider, some of which offer fine dining, live music and, of course, modern gaming. Most of the capital’s casinos are open 24/7 and don’t require membership.


The popular seaside resort is well known for its excellent arcades,
but there are also several betting joints to choose from, both independent and chains. None of the casinos in Blackpool require membership and can be enjoyed by anyone. The range of games is not as vast as in London, but all the classics can be played as well as a large number of more modern games. Live entertainment, food and drink are provided in most venues.


Another seaside resort popular with gamblers, Brighton is home to three great casinos that offer a wide variety of modern and classic games as well as slot machines. They are modern, stylish and free to enter without membership. Great food with sea views and excellent drink menus are available, making a trip to the casino a great idea in this alternative city.


The city of culture is home to four casinos, all of which are open to the public and free to enter. Great games and plenty of Poker ensure visitors and locals alike have a great evening.


Glasgow plays host to three casinos, located around the city. They feature modern facilities and games and excellent locally produced food. Slick and stylish, entry is always free.