First Time at a Casino?

For first timers, a casino can seem to be a strange place. There’s so much going on that it’s difficult to know where to start. Deciding what to wear or how to approach a table may sound simple enough, but if you’ve never been to a casino before these are legitimate concerns.


Nowadays most UK casinos don’t require membership, allowing anyone to come and try their luck. The more exclusive clubs found in larger cities might, though a short term membership is normally easily obtained. Typically, minors are not allowed in.

Dress Code

Again, most casinos are fairly lenient when it comes to a dress code, though there are boundaries. Smart casual is a safe bet, with jeans, shirt and smart shoes being perfectly acceptable. Avoid track suits and other overly casual clothes and know that hats are not allowed. In high end clubs, smart attire is expected.

Eating and Drinking

Food and drinks are readily available in pretty much every casino. They vary from place to place, but most have floor staff that you can ask for drinks or light food. They will bring it over to you, just don’t rest anything on the gaming table. You can normally pay using chips.


You can either buy your chips in advance or directly from the dealer at the table. When leaving a table, it’s nice to trade your smaller chips for a larger denomination. Head for the cash desk to cash up. Within most casinos, chips act as currency.

Joining a Table

Select the game you wish to join and approach the table. If there are vacant seats, simply sit and wait for the current hand to finish. If you’re not sure, just ask, the dealers are friendly and professional.

Casino Etiquette

Staff are normally happy to help with any queries you might have, but will not offer advice on how to bet. Feel free to ask about the rules of the game – spectating is more than welcome. Just remember the seats are reserved for players. Tips are welcome but not always expected.