Casino Stories – Crooked Croupiers

We all know the stereotypical image of a croupier, stylish and genteel, a true professional. It’s not an easy job to do, however. You must be good with maths, observant and firm with customers who aren’t used to being told no. All in a days work for the humble croupier. But it seems the pressure can get too much sometimes and the temptation unbearable..

Lock, Sock and Two Loaded Barrels

An elaborate scam involving a poker dealer that managed to hide over £10,000 in his socks over the course of a few weeks. The cunning croupier created a false pocket in his trousers, connected to tubing that deposited stolen chips in his socks. On a cigarette break he would remove the chips and pass them on to his beautiful accomplice. Security soon got suspicious and monitored his behaviour. When they searched him, chips literally fell from him. Another unscrupulous croupier managed to stash almost £70,000 worth of chips into his socks over a six year period. He was eventually caught and jailed.

The Roulette Wheel Ruse

The story began as two crooked croupiers, working a slow shift in Blackpool, discovered they could fix the wheel. After ensuring the ball would remain in the same slot, they started to devise a plan. They enlisted a friend to act as a customer and developed a series of head scratching signals. Their stooge won £23,000, but not before being noticed by security, who had observed his strange and inconsistent betting. Security footage was studied and the scam uncovered.

The Stubborn Swindler

A croupier in Newcastle managed to con almost £2000 out of his casino by giving his friend and accomplice chips that were valued too high. The stooge would hand over £25 to split into chips, but due to a series of unrelated “mistakes”, he would receive £50 worth of chips back. When caught the croupier persistently denied the charges. It was put to him that it seemed unusual for such a mistake to occur a whopping eighteen times, to the same person over a short period of time.